Financial well-being is more than about investing your savings. It's also:

We coordinate your team for your best outcomes.

Maybe you already have experts for these needs. If so, we’ll coordinate with them. If not, we will find the right ones to help you.

What do clients come to us for?

How do we work with you?

What Does It Cost?

Financial advisors must operate in your best interest and disclose all material conflicts of interest. 
We are fee-based on a percentage of the assets we invest for you.
Our costs are transparent. Our interests are closely aligned.

We do not accept commissions nor do we have fee-sharing arrangements with asset managers.

Where do I start? I need to feel some sense of control over my financial life.

Live the life you want

  • We at TFC develop a plan with you so you can live the life you want.
  • Knowing what you have and where you want to go is critical to feeling in control.
  • Most people find comfort in having a plan. A plan provides a roadmap to follow and a way to measure progress. 
  • The plan focuses on you and those you care for most. 


Will I find an advisor who understands my unique situation?

"Who gets me" is the most important filter in selecting an advisor

  • TFC has a 40 year history of working for clients. We've solved a lot of problems. 
  • We have a dynamic team, keeping current with issues affecting all aspects of clients' lives -- financial, tax, social, etc. (Learn more in our expertise section.)



What do others like me do for advice?

TFC is a focused firm, working with select clients with complicated financial lives.

Our advice is not defined by your age or career. It's about helping you to: 

  • Feel organized
  • Optimize financial goals
  • Develop a tax strategy
  • Provide security for your family
  • Manage risk/protect what's yours
  • Help others
  • Establish an estate plan
  • Create a legacy

Working with TFC Financial means joining a community. Our "TFC Talks" events connect you with like-minded individuals and provide information that empowers you.


How do I make sure my financial advice aligns with my other experts such as accountants and trustees?

To preserve and build wealth over the long term, you'll work closely with dedicated client advisors and their client service team.

Our advisors work as a team and coordinate with other experts in your life to ensure a cohesive plan.

This can include:

  • Financial planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Identifying gaps in liquidity or protection


Am I too concentrated with my career and investments?

Your whole life is one large portfolio.

  • At TFC Financial, we make sure that doesn't happen.
  • Loving your company is terrific. Owning too much of its stock concentrates risk.
  • Your job is an investment just like any stock you own.
  • Contact us to make sure you are not overexposed.


When do I bring my next generation into the money conversation?

  • TFC Financial specializes in putting your family first. 
  • We work through your questions about when to give financial control to the next generation.
  • Assisting children when they are ready helps put family first.



Jaret Petruzzelli

Trading and Investment Implementation Associate

Kerri Allen

CFP®, Senior Client Advisor

Michael Meehan

CPA/PFS, CFP®, Managing Director - Marketing, Senior Client Advisor & Shareholder

Jim Joslin

Chairman Emeritus