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How We Work With You

Feb 25, 2020

TFC Financial Video Series

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TFC Insights

If Widowhood Happened Tomorrow, Would You Be Prepared?

Oct 3, 2023

While we tend to focus on building wealth and preparing for the future, there’s a significant life event that can often be left unaddressed until it’s too late: the loss of your spouse. The reality is that this may happen without warning and can devastate far more than your emotional well-being.

Quarterly Insights


Oct 1, 2023

In October 1991, three weather systems converged off the coast of Nova Scotia.  The severe event that resulted from this rare combination was chronicled in a 1997 book by Sebastian Junger and ultimately in a feature film adaptation.  Since the movie’s release, the term “perfect storm” has entered the popular lexicon, referring to any challenging period that results from the simultaneous occurrence of several negative or unpredictable factors.  The US Treasury bond market may be experiencing an event akin to a perfect storm.  The convergence of several factors has caused a dramatic rise in yields over the last several weeks, especially in longer-dated treasury bonds.  The yield on the 10-year treasury bond has jumped nearly a full percentage point since the end of the second quarter while the 30-year yield has risen just over 1%.  We’ll examine three factors-the Federal Reserve’s “higher for longer” message, ballooning government debt and deficits, and quantitative tightening.  Furthermore, we’ll discuss the ramifications for the economy, markets, and portfolio strategy.