Artificial Intelligence in our Lives Today

On November 17, TFC held an evening Reception and discussion “Artificial Intelligence in our Lives Today.” We had two presenters--Professor John E. Dowling, Research Professor of Neurosciences, Harvard University and Nathan R. Wilson, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Nara Logics.  Together, they provided their perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (AI).  AI is broadly the use of software with logic devised and code written to approximate human cognitive reasoning patterns, whether to recognize images, schedule meetings, process human speech, drive autonomous vehicles, or help doctors and other professionals make diagnoses and remedial decisions.  Computers have been used for decades to increase automation tasks and efficiency.  To date, AI programming has been mostly driven by rules-based (i.e., “if-then”) tools of logic and programming language.  But as AI enters the mainstream, humans and machines are expected to collaborate in new ways, on ever-more sophisticated tasks.

Below are video clips from the evening.

Welcome Remarks by Renée (4:11)

Background of Artificial Intelligence by Jim Joslin (8:17)

Atlas Video--"The Next Generation" on YouTube (2:41)

Jim Joslin's Introduction of Presenter Professor John Dowling (0:54)

John Dowling's Presentation

Understanding Brain Mechanisms (6:06)

Is AI Likely to Replicate the Mind (1:52)

Rational Decisions (6:11)

Jim Joslin’s Introduction of Presenter Nathan R. Wilson, Ph.D. (1:08)

The Direction of AI: Impacts on Our Nature (9:19)

How Do We Ensure Stability Alongside Adaptability (3:25)

How to Prevent Information Overload (4:44)

Jim Joslin’s Introduction of Presenter Dan Kern (10:12)

Q&A (9:30)

A few photos from our event:

For more information about Artificial Intelligence, please refer to the Artificial Intelligence White Paper by Jim Joslin.